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When I felt hopeless and broken, a special someone showed me how to channel my anger and frustration into fuel for good. Instead of becoming destructive, I learned how to alchemize my traumas, reclaim my confidence and attune into the frequency of empowerment.

It’s my soul calling to pay it forward, extend my heart and walk along side you on this journey of healing and growth.


Hi, I'm Coco

Soul Activator

I used to challenge everything and everyone in my way from a place of lack. As a lost and misunderstood soul, messing up used to be what I was best at. 

Then, I experienced a soul-altering transformation...

It wasn’t an easy journey, I had to experience my whole life crumbling and when I reached one of the lowest and darkest points in my life, I experienced my loudest awakening.

Now, I’m a sacred rebel supporting women to activate their hearts into their greatest metamorphosis.

Learn about my journey


Wake Up Every Morning EXCITED to live a purpose-filled and wholesome life of empowerment!

Where are you on your personal growth journey?

I’m curious

You have dipped your toes into meditation or mindfulness and want to go deeper?


Are relationships around you feeling toxic or destructive? Are you willing to break free from this?


Are you constantly showing up for others but leave little to no time to give back to yourself?


Do you feel like you’re stuck in a cycle of repetitive behaviors that you just can’t seem to shake off?


Are you feeling burnt out and don’t know how to get motivated again?


Is it challenging for you to say NO and create healthy boundaries in life?


Do you find yourself waking up with dread every morning because you hate your day job? 



Discover how you can shift negative limiting beliefs and break free of toxic patterns. You'll overcome fear, people-pleasing and become a rockstar at creating healthier boundaries to unlock shining self-worth and confidence to live a life as your most authentic high vibin’ self!



I’m experienced but craving something more

Do you have a regular spiritual routine like card pulling, journalling, but want to dive deeper and amplify your intuition?


Have you mastered the qualities of the masculine of strategising, taking action and creating and are now open to surrendering and embodying the divine feminine wisdom and creating more flow in life?


Do you crave to connect with a supportive group of like-minded women to share your spiritual experiences and journey with?


Are you considering a new modality to integrate into your own practice to deepen your spiritual knowledge?



Refine your practice through energetic protocols and modalities to elevate your overall frequency in life and your practice. When you master your vibration, you are able to tap into the quantum field and embody your divine feminine and unleash infinite potential attracting higher vibrational opportunities and relationships.



I’m a practitioner and want to expand my spiritual knowledge and toolbox

Are you a holistic practitioner or coach who’s open to expanding your toolbox with proven methods to support clients deeper in their transformation journey?


Do you feel called to integrate a new modality to sharpen your skills and weave into your service offerings for clients?


Are you ready for a personal transformation that strengthens and deepens your capacity to hold space for others?


Do you feel lonely at times and yearn to connect on a soul level with a collective of heart-centered practitioners to share wisdom with?


Do you struggle with positioning your brand in the market and promoting your soul offerings?



Explore your inner depths and amplify personal growth as a practitioner, release limiting beliefs to catapult you into the next level of your space holding, magnetising a wider audience and serving more clients with a new healing modality locally and globally because you deserve to thrive and flourish! Lean on my 17 years of PR and marketing experience to get your soul offerings seen to your dream clients!

Certification programs offered: Akashic Records Facilitator & Holy Fire/Karuna Reiki I, II, III & Master

I'm on the journey into motherhood

Are you a mother or a mother-to-be?


Are you struggling with mom guilt?


Do you often feel triggered while parenting?


Are you feeling energetically depleted juggling all the different roles in life?


Do you want to break through generational trauma cycles and parent in a more conscious and loving way?


Journey into motherhood isa program dedicated to supporting mother’s in their transition through parenting stages, shifting personal childhood beliefs/triggers, finding confidence in motherhood and connecting deeper with your child through holistic and spiritual practices.



I am ready to launch a holistic business/ ready to uplevel my business

∗ Do you have a holistic business idea that’s ready to launch but have no idea how to start?


Are you experiencing setbacks because you’re about to step into uncharted waters?


You have a great business idea but lack the structure needed to get it off the ground?


You’re sick of hard selling and want to learn how to market and promote your brand in a conscious and organic way to attract soul aligned clients?


A 6-month coaching program to get clear on your business vision, align your values with your goals and shift through the limiting beliefs to catapult you into your new archetype as a soulpreneur. This is your opportunity to create a heart-led and soul aligned business that thrives. Lean on my 17 years of PR and marketing experience to get your soul offerings seen by your dream clients! 



I have blossomed to new heights

I joined this container to achieve soul growth, & felt this eagerness to evolve & become the most conscious version of myself. Through guided weekly exercises & attentive support from Coco, I was able to achieve my goals & gain incredible skills that make me feel aligned within myself & with the universe. I’ve been able to channel incredible information & illuminations for my own clients, & to divinely and wholeheartedly step into my calling.

— Yin Ki Wong, Sound Healer

Coco opened the doors to my spiritual journey

Coco is a wellspring of knowledge, & I learned so much from her. She is kind, loving, fun, super tapped into the etheric realms, & brought major spiritual fairy godmother vibes into our container together. I walked away from our container not only feeling like I had just gained a new mentor, but also like I had made a new friend. I highly recommend working with Coco for anyone that feels the call. She is magic!

— Janith, Soul & Human Embodiment Coach

One word: WOW.

I didn’t know what it was exactly that I wanted to resolve or work through, I just knew my life had the potential to be elevated to the next level. That is EXACTLY what happened, and I felt fully supported the whole way. Coco has the ability to hone in on exactly what you’re feeling & guide you to see things from a different perspective. Coco opened my eyes to so many possibilities. This is the best investment I have ever made, and I know I’ll be coming back to Coco in my next chapter."

— Rachel, Branding Coach

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It’s time to FULLY SHOW UP for YOURSELF!

Are you ready for a soul-altering transformation?

To shift limiting beliefs into thoughts of empowerment?
To transmute toxic patterns and align into healthier habits?
To regain confidence and step back into your power?
To forgive yourself and others to amplify self-love and compassion?
To finally put YOURSELF first and create a life that you love and thrive in? 

Then congratulations! 

This is the sign from the Universe you have been waiting for...

All you need to do is say YES TO YOU!

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