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Coco Alexandra is a Soul Coach, Energy Alchemist, Akashic Records Mentor and Intuitive Healer. She guides and supports women in a sacred container through each life passage and initiation through deep transformational healing to live a life of divine alignment.

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Soul Coaching

Let's deep dive into your soul and embrace the next stage of life with infinite possibilities. It's time to rewrite your story.

I'm ready, let's unfold together

As a highly gifted seer and wisdom keeper of the Akashic Records, Coco facilitates masterful sacred space inviting profound depths of healing and embodied integration.

Sydney Campos, Intuitive Advisor, Hawaii

Coco has been a beautiful beacon of support, love and spiritual insight for me during my soul coaching program. I leave every session feeling soulfully rejuvenated, hopeful, and motivated.

Victoria C, Hong Kong

Whether I wanted to work through personal issues or professional development, Coco opened my eyes to so many possibilities. Every session left me feeling brighter, happier, and fearless.

Rachel Y, Hong Kong

Coco is the most amazing soul coach in town. I like that she is packed with spiritual tools but also with real life experiences. She always delivers practical advices and suggestions for clients.

Olivia Luk, Tarot Reader, Hong Kong

Coco is a truly gifted Akashic Records reader. I had the most amazing reading with her that brought forward clarity, wisdom and Divine guidance.

Bruce C, Sound & Energy Healer, Seattle
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