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Summer Solstice Day Retreat June 22, Sat @ 2-6PM Gather with us

Zoom Inner Child Healing 60 min

Inner Child Healing 60 min

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Your inner child is a part of your psyche that holds creativity, innocence and childlike wonder towards life. Your inner child is the child that lives within you. It’s important to connect, listen and send love and healing with this part of ourselves because when we are connected and balanced we feel safe, inspired and excited about life. 


  • Had to grow up and be an adult at a young age
  • Feel unsafe in your body
  • Difficulty around self-worth and deservingness
  • Stagnant creativity
  • Struggling to let go of the past
  • Hurdles in giving yourself permission to play
  • Issues around control
  • Difficulty speaking your truth
  • Scared of showing your authentic self
  • Difficulty in showing affection or intimacy
  • Repetitive relationship patterns (engaging in unhealthy relationship dynamics, experiencing toxic or codependent relationships, or struggling with intimacy and trust)
  • Repressed emotions from childhood (trauma, emotional neglect, dysfunctional family dynamics, unresolved grief & loss)
  • Experiencing addictions (drugs, alcohol, sex, food, digital, shopping)

In this session, you will be held in a safe container to journey into a meditative space to receive healing. Every session is different in nature and is guided by your Spirit team for your highest good. Waves of emotions are common during these sessions so please make sure to create space after the session for alone time to process and nurture yourself.

*60-minute Zoom session



Inner Child Healing 60 min


Why it works

What to expect

I recognize that every person is on their unique journey so with each client, I use a combination of different healing modalities perfectly suited to match their needs. Instead of just scraping the surface, we go deep into the core rooted cause of the situation to clear away programmings that are hindering the clients growth.

This method creates major shifts and long-lasting transformation to realign client onto their highest timeline.

Healing modalities I employ

Depending on where you are in your journey, some of the healing methods we will explore together may include:

Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, EFT Tapping, Past Life Regression, Angel Healing, Timeline Healing, Chakra Balancing, Inner Child Healing, Sacred Womb Healing, Plant Spirit Medicine, Elemental Energies, Dragon Frequencies, Akashic Records Reading/Healing, Oracle Card Reading, Channelling

What is Soul Coaching?

Soul Coaching combines traditional coaching, counseling and energy healing. The purpose of a Soul Coach is to guide and support you through shifting your life and the way you operate on a deeper soul level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, a soul coach can help you dive into your deep rooted beliefs, challenge them and though a newly established connection to self, help you find yourself again. 

I understand that every person’s coaching journey is different and for that reason I use modalities from a toolbox of years of spiritual practice, entrepreneurship and holistic wellness techniques to help you get to the goal you desire. 

What is intuitive healing?

Intuitive Healing refers to the practice of combining intuition with medical treatments to promote healing of the body and mind. 

Intuitive healing is an approach that allows the practitioner to access the clients information about their health or current life circumstances through divine consciousness. Through this process, a competent practitioner will be able to assess which modalities and techniques are suitable for your being.

Hey love

I'm Coco

I support women with familial, relational and childhood trauma and guide them back into a state of empowerment through parapsychology, coaching and energy healing.

The work goes beyond our sessions, with practical tools I share with clients to add into their spiritual toolbox that they get to keep for life to set them up for success.


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