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Zoom Personal Readings (General, Love/Relationship or Career)

Personal Readings (General, Love/Relationship or Career)

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Personal Readings for General, Love/Relationship or Career

Are you seeking more clarity in life, love or career? Our Personal Readings are intentionally channeled to answers your questions of life, wherever you are on your journey. You will receive a pre-recorded audio file paired with a card spread image and encoded with energy healing that shines light onto hidden truths to bring more clarity and deeper understanding.

General Reading:
Receive more crystal clear clarity of life and gain a compassionate understanding of various aspects with your General Reading. Whether you seek guidance for important life decisions or a broader understanding of your life's purpose and direction, your General Reading is designed to offer divine clarity and wisdom.

Love/Relationship Reading:
Love and relationships can be complex, so we hold space with a tender heart. Your Love/Relationship Reading provides profound insights into matters of the heart. By attuning to your energies, I channel messages from your higher self and Spirit Guides to bring forth guidance and compassion. Discover a deeper understanding of your relationships, gain clarity on past, existing partnerships or explore the possibilities that unfold ahead. 

Career Reading:
Are you seeking guidance and direction in your professional life? Our Career Reading offers practical wisdom to navigate the intricate paths of your career. Discover your hidden talents, explore new opportunities, and gain a deeper understanding of your true potential. This reading supports you in making informed decisions and cultivate success in your chosen career.

Please use your discernment when receiving these readings. Note that these readings should not replace legal, medical advice or professional therapy.

***Please state what type of reading you want in the check out notes [eg. Love/Relationship, Career or General. Please include your full name and your persons full name for love/relationship readings] All information shared is kept confidential.***

Client Testimonials

"Thank you SO much for this! Slowly listening and enjoying this and will be taking notes! Seriously everyone needs to book one of these, I feel so supported already going into the new year!"

"You are so powerful yet gentle and have such a beautiful gift."

"Loved the reading, was so on point and very reassuring. Have been weighed by what this all means for my biz and I think I know exactly how I need to pivot now thanks to you!"

"OMG so accurate! I have been getting drawn to astrology and was thinking of connecting with a teacher for a deep natal chart reading but wasn't sure when and then THIS reading! How did you know this!? im' so shocked and not shocked at the same time haha"


Personal Readings (General, Love/Relationship or Career)


Why it works

What to expect

I recognize that every person is on their unique journey so with each client, I use a combination of different healing modalities perfectly suited to match their needs. Instead of just scraping the surface, we go deep into the core rooted cause of the situation to clear away programmings that are hindering the clients growth.

This method creates major shifts and long-lasting transformation to realign client onto their highest timeline.

Healing modalities I employ

Depending on where you are in your journey, some of the healing methods we will explore together may include:

Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, EFT Tapping, Past Life Regression, Angel Healing, Timeline Healing, Chakra Balancing, Inner Child Healing, Sacred Womb Healing, Plant Spirit Medicine, Elemental Energies, Dragon Frequencies, Akashic Records Reading/Healing, Oracle Card Reading, Channelling

What is Soul Coaching?

Soul Coaching combines traditional coaching, counseling and energy healing. The purpose of a Soul Coach is to guide and support you through shifting your life and the way you operate on a deeper soul level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, a soul coach can help you dive into your deep rooted beliefs, challenge them and though a newly established connection to self, help you find yourself again. 

I understand that every person’s coaching journey is different and for that reason I use modalities from a toolbox of years of spiritual practice, entrepreneurship and holistic wellness techniques to help you get to the goal you desire. 

What is intuitive healing?

Intuitive Healing refers to the practice of combining intuition with medical treatments to promote healing of the body and mind. 

Intuitive healing is an approach that allows the practitioner to access the clients information about their health or current life circumstances through divine consciousness. Through this process, a competent practitioner will be able to assess which modalities and techniques are suitable for your being.

Hey love

I'm Coco

I support women with familial, relational and childhood trauma and guide them back into a state of empowerment through parapsychology, coaching and energy healing.

The work goes beyond our sessions, with practical tools I share with clients to add into their spiritual toolbox that they get to keep for life to set them up for success.


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