I’m grateful that your soul has guided you to connect with me in this lifetime. I look forward to getting to know you on a deeper level. After all, we have committed to explore this energy realm and have chosen to come into this lifetime to connect for a reason.  

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Spiritual Bio

A High Priestess of many lifetimes, Coco is a conduit for ancient wisdom and supports souls through deep healing through the heart and womb space. She is here in this lifetime to serve those ready to alchemise their pain into power and rise into their greatness.

Coco has experienced firsthand traumas in her earlier life and understands how to heal and transform stormy pasts into fuel for good. She weaves together her logical skills from her business background with her spiritual gifts in deep transformational healing and magnifies ones soul purpose to expand further onto their divinely aligned life path.

As a healer of the Rose Priestess Lineage, she is gifted in the arts of sacred womb healing, navigating the elemental energies, channeling Angel frequencies, alchemizing Dragon energies for transformation healing, embodying planet spirit medicine, holding space in the Akashic Records, facilitating sacred ceremony and rituals for deep wound healing.

Her work has been featured on Tatler, Sohohouse, SCMP, Sassy, ELLE Singapore, Lifestyle Asia, AsiaSpa, Capital CEO and more. 

Professional Bio

A Soul Coach & Entrepreneur with 16 years of experience nurturing Hong Kong’s most prominent brands and individuals helming the lifestyle sector. She is the founder and managing director of Voltage PR, one of Hong Kong’s most sought after lifestyle PR agencies and the mastermind behind Wellness Warriors, a movement aimed to raise collective consciousness in the holistic space.

This changemaker is making waves in the wellness scene with her strong conscious living ethos and constant efforts in the Mental Health space as a speaker in the community. To add to her ever-growing wellness empire, she co-launched OMSA, a portal dedicated to nurturing your relationship to self through spirituality, self-care and self-love practices in August 2019.

She now spends her days soul coaching individuals and brands to further expand their business, personal & spiritual growth. With all that she's doing in the world, Coco aspires to leave behind a legacy with her love for serving others. 

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I'd love to get to know you better

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