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Zoom Soul Biz Coaching

Soul Biz Coaching

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Are you passionate about launching, refining or taking your soul-centered business to the next level? 

Our Soul Biz Coaching Program is designed to provide you with practical strategies integrated with business energetics to build a solid foundation and unlock the full potential of your soul biz.

Imagine waking up every morning excited for the day ahead, knowing that you are living your best life, making a difference, and being abundantly rewarded for it!

As a seasoned entrepreneur, PR and marketing professional with 20 years of experience, I have launched multiple successful businesses and supported over 300 brand launches. My superpower is rooted in guiding individuals and brands structure their offerings, create clear brand messaging, and promote their businesses effectively. Now, I want to help YOU activate your dream biz and manifest your vision with confidence and clarity.

The 1:1 Soul Biz Coaching is a high-level offering that provides personalised guidance tailored to your unique journey. By committing to this program, you can lean into my expertise while exploring energy healing practices that will help you overcome limiting beliefs and flow through any obstacles that arise. Previous clients have experienced profound personal and business growth during and after the program!



Here's what you can expect from the Soul Biz Coaching Program:

  • An intimate 1:1 space over 2 months
  • 8x 60-minute Recorded Zoom Calls (1 call every week)
  • Chat Access Mon-Fri to address questions and celebrate wins
  • Access to my 20 years of industry experience and ready-to-use strategies
  • Personalised brand strategy, launch, and promotional plan
  • Connections to industry contacts and potential collaborators to increase your audience reach
  • Quantum healing to clear limiting beliefs and patterns


1:1 Soul Biz Coaching is for you if...

  • You already have a biz idea but haven't figured out how to completely shift it into your full-time gig
  • You have a passion project but you're stuck on, all the how to's and next steps because this is your first time taking a swing at it
  • Your passion project has taken off but you've reached a plateau state and have no idea how to move forward or grow your biz
  • You have a soul biz but are looking for a mentor to soundboard with, guide and support in creating a solid business that can thrive and flourish!

1:1 Soul Biz Coaching is personalised to where YOU are on your journey. By committing to this program, your soul is being called higher by the energetics and foundation of this container. Each call is integrated with energy healing which helps you move and flow through any limiting beliefs that may arise in life. Every client that has gone through this container has experienced a major transformation and now it’s your turn!

Soul Biz Coaching Is For Those Ready To Do The Work, Make The Shifts And Elevate Into The Life That They Want To Live.  

This program is only for those who feel strongly called into this space, dedicated in investing time and energy inside and outside of our program to practice and embody the light and shadow work that will come through.

If your intention is strong, I invite you to book your complimentary 15 min Soul Alignment call to ask more questions and feel into the energies of my space holding to see if we’re aligned energetically so we can begin this journey together!

*Payment plans available upon request


Client Testimonial

"I am who I am and how I deal with things so much easier now because of all the tools I learnt from you over the years!"

"I came out of it with a deeper sense of self, an invaluable set of tools and a renewed confidence in pursuing the path I wish to take as a coach. Coco is a wonderful coach, facilitator and overall amazing person to learn from. I would recommend this course in a heartbeat for anyone who has the curiosity and openness to discover how to really flourish in life, biz and on an individual level and how to empower others to do so too."

“So much of what you taught me and the tools I learnt from you, I use till this day.”

"I'll always remember the day I found you on IG and I just felt the biggest pull to you. And since then I've never looked back. You've opened my eyes to a whole new world and a deeper understanding of myself. I remember you teaching me about signs and how the Universe always has our back, it's so so clear to me now. Thank you for showing me the way, for your love and support."

"I yearned for growth and change as I had been feeling stuck, unfulfilling and drained. This container with no judgement cracked me open, unearthed the root cause of those hinderance and empowered me to step into my true self. Not only did Coco shared her magical tools and experiences about all the things we walked through, she also celebrated every little win and milestone with me wholeheartedly. Coco is definitely one of a kind and I cannot wait to come back to her again!"

Soul Biz Coaching


Why it works

What to expect

I recognize that every person is on their unique journey so with each client, I use a combination of different healing modalities perfectly suited to match their needs. Instead of just scraping the surface, we go deep into the core rooted cause of the situation to clear away programmings that are hindering the clients growth.

This method creates major shifts and long-lasting transformation to realign client onto their highest timeline.

Healing modalities I employ

Depending on where you are in your journey, some of the healing methods we will explore together may include:

Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Healing, EFT Tapping, Past Life Regression, Angel Healing, Timeline Healing, Chakra Balancing, Inner Child Healing, Sacred Womb Healing, Plant Spirit Medicine, Elemental Energies, Dragon Frequencies, Akashic Records Reading/Healing, Oracle Card Reading, Channelling

What is Soul Coaching?

Soul Coaching combines traditional coaching, counseling and energy healing. The purpose of a Soul Coach is to guide and support you through shifting your life and the way you operate on a deeper soul level. Rather than just examining your behaviors, habits, and goals, a soul coach can help you dive into your deep rooted beliefs, challenge them and though a newly established connection to self, help you find yourself again. 

I understand that every person’s coaching journey is different and for that reason I use modalities from a toolbox of years of spiritual practice, entrepreneurship and holistic wellness techniques to help you get to the goal you desire. 

What is intuitive healing?

Intuitive Healing refers to the practice of combining intuition with medical treatments to promote healing of the body and mind. 

Intuitive healing is an approach that allows the practitioner to access the clients information about their health or current life circumstances through divine consciousness. Through this process, a competent practitioner will be able to assess which modalities and techniques are suitable for your being.

Hey love

I'm Coco

I support women with familial, relational and childhood trauma and guide them back into a state of empowerment through parapsychology, coaching and energy healing.

The work goes beyond our sessions, with practical tools I share with clients to add into their spiritual toolbox that they get to keep for life to set them up for success.


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