Zoom Akashic Records Certification Program

Akashic Records Certification Program


Start Date: July 7, 2021 Weds
End Date: Sept 15, 2021 Weds

Group Zooms Calls every other Weds @ 9am Hong Kong Time
All Zoom links to be sent out July 5, Monday


- Strengthen Intuition and Clarity

- Understand How You are Uniquely Designed

- Remember Soul Memories and Mastering Life Lessons

- Understand the Laws of Energy

- Guidance on Soul Purpose and Meaning

- Energy Healing to Transform Self-Limiting Beliefs & Past Life Contracts

- Expand Your Innate Spiritual Gifts

- Embodiment of Multidimensionality, Presence, Expansion and Self-Love

- Self-Energy Mastery

- Relationship Cultivation

- Soul Strategy for Business Expansion, Relationship Healing, Self Reflections


11 Week Sacred Journey

- 6 x 60-minute Biweekly Group Zoom Calls: Group Zoom space dedicated for our wisdom sharings and Akashic explorations

- 1 x 60-minute Private Akashic Record Reading with Coco Alexandra (to bescheduled in within the 11 week program)

- Distance healing, transmissions/attunements, group/self practice created throughout the container for expansive learning, grounding presence and amplifying intuition and abundance.

- Receive Email Support from Facilitator Coco Alexandra throughout the 11 week container to share your insights, questions or illuminations you may have throughout the journey for further guidance and support.

- 11- week Whatsapp Group Support to share your insights, practices and questions with the group and facilitator

- A Certification of Completion for you to embody and share your gifts as a wisdom keeper of the Akashic Records or for self practice


Week 1: Group Introduction + Exploring the Akasha + Activations + Group Zoom Call

Week 2: Designing + Facilitating Sacred Space

Week 3: Energy Hygiene + Power of Words + Group Zoom Call

Week 4: Expanding Your Divine Channel & Intuition Mastery

Week 5: Remembering Past Lives: Timeline Clearing + Embodiment + Group Zoom Call

Week 6: Tuning into Multidimensionality through Sound + Vibration Activation

Week 7: Energy Clearing Practices + Prayer Mastery + Group Zoom Call

Week 8: Tapping into the Records through Reading for Locations, Spaces and Buildings

Week 9: Develop Your Unique Gifts + Refining Your Niche + Group Zoom Call

Week 10: Designing Your Offering: What feels most authentic

Week 11: Integration Week + Soul Support from Coco Alexandra + Final Group Zoom Call

Time Zones

9am, Weds, Hong Kong

9am, Weds, Singapore

11am, Weds, Sydney

3pm, Tuesday, Hawaii

6pm, Tuesday, Los Angeles

9pm, Tuesday, New York

Course Requirements

- Experience everything with an open heart and open mind.

- Dedicate a new journal for recording Akashic journeys, experiences, sharings and illuminations.

- SHOW UP for yourself daily and hold yourself accountable in this container.

- Embrace the full journey through vulnerability embodiment. Know that this is a safe container for you to truly open up completely to receive.

- I highly suggest abstinence from mind-altering substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs of any sorts) during this container to keep your body clean and clear to fully receive all the energy transmissions and healing that comes through to expand your capacity to elevate spiritually. At the very least 24 hours of sobriety before the Group calls or 1:1 calls with Coco Alexandra.

Energy healing not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed doctor.


Energy healing not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed doctor.

Akashic Records Certification Program