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Preparing you for motherhood with ease

Spiritual guidance and practical tools to shift limiting beliefs around motherhood to prepare you to become the mother YOU were destined to be for your child(ren).

You look down at your pregnancy test and the sign shows POSITIVE.

You’re excited, happy but then this deep sense of dread consumes you.

Your inner voice starts spiraling with thoughts of… SH*T, can I do this?

I don’t want to become like my mom.

What if I suck at being a mom?

How am I going to manage work and raise a child?

What if I repeat the toxic patterns of my childhood onto my child?

Are these all valid questions?

Perhaps, but they don’t have to be.

#1 Motherhood is different for everyone

#2 Having these thoughts are completely normal

The good news? You already knew this.

It may be hard to admit, but if you don’t take action now you see yourself unconsciously living out your childhood experiences through your child.

This is not an outcome that you want. You decide that these cycles of generational trauma ends with YOU.

You’re ready to become a conscious parent but may not know where to start.

Introducing: Journey Into Motherhood

A 8-week coaching program to shift through limiting beliefs around motherhood, equipped you with holistic and practical tools for emotional support so you become empowered as a conscious mother.

I know you grew up dreaming of becoming a mom one day and now that day has arrived.

But all these childhood memories of not being enough, not being heard or supported are floating into your consciousness and creating fear around being a present mother. You’re worried that mom guilt will be soooo real when you start work again that you have to give up your social life.

Mama, plenty of women before you have walked this path and whilst everyone experiences motherhood differently, this is YOUR journey. 

THIS is your chance to create a motherhood journey that YOU LOVE. 

Get out of your head and drop into the heart because you deserve to enjoy motherhood.

Start designing a life that works for YOU where you get to be a present mom, spend time with friends & do the things you love.

Welcome to Journey into Mother

Life After This Program:

Wake up every morning grateful because you GET to be a mom

Feel calm, cool, and collected because you have a toolbox of holistic practices and rituals to keep your mind, body and soul aligned for anything motherhood throws at you

Feel empowered as a conscious role model to your child(ren) mirroring what healthy emotional communication is

Create strong and healthy boundaries like a QUEEN because you understand the value of energy management

Show up as your best self because you prioritizing your self-care to rest and recharge

Be radically honest and asking for support when it’s needed so that you don’t get burnt out

Having a superstar support team on speed dial because it sometimes does take a village

I was struggling with postpartum

with my identity as a mother of two and relationships with others. Coco held space for me to share my feelings and was a great sounding board for my thoughts. Coco’s guidance has allowed me to share and grow more authentically with more compassion for myself. I am so appreciative of that. What made this unique was her support in my spirituality and offering guidance from Spirit as well as practical, actionable steps I can take to process my experiences and grow from them. I am definitely working with Coco again in the future!

— Jane W, Mama of 2, Hong Kong
Zoom Journey Into Motherhood Program

Journey Into Motherhood Program

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An 8-week group program dedicated to supporting mother’s in their transition through parenting stages, shifting personal childhood beliefs/triggers, finding confidence in motherhood and connecting deeper with your child through holistic and spiritual practices. 

Program Includes
→ 4x 60 min Group Zoom Calls
→ Weekly practices, journal prompts, rituals 
→ 8 week 1:1 Telegram access for Soul Support with Coco

*All sessions held on Zoom 

Journey Into Motherhood Program


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