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Summer Solstice Day Retreat June 22, Sat @ 2-6PM Gather with us

Rewrite your story because this is YOUR life

Break free from limiting beliefs and toxic patterns holding you in a state of stagnation and create rock solid confidence from inside out.

Uh oh. It's happening again.

The recurring toxic behaviors and relationships that once were coping mechanisms to keep you safe are creeping up again and you’ve had enough of it.

You’re beating yourself up because you swore you wouldn’t allow this to happen again… but it has. 

1. Toxic patterns don’t magically disappear by sweeping it under the rug and

2. They will find another way to come back in another way, shape or form so you eventually have to face it head on.

You're thinking, "But this happens all the time.. It’ll eventually just go away if I ignore it, right?”



You’re probably rolling your eyes or dreading it and it may be challenging to admit, but you see yourself repeating this annoying (perhaps addictive) pattern, and you’re ready to put an end to it.

Your future you is thanking you right now.




Introducing the Activate & Awaken Your Soul Program

A 4-week coaching program that transforms your toxic patterns into healthy habits, strengthens your core values and aligns you into your most confident and high vibing self.

I know you had your dream life all planned out and maybe it’s not unfolding the way you envisioned it to.

This is your chance to wipe the slate clean, to put yourself first and rewrite your future.


looping in negative patterns of people pleasing, self-sabotaging and being in toxic relationships that leave you crying sprawled on the living room floor.


an alchemist of your reality and transform your inner critic into your personal cheerleader.


redesigning your life day-by-day with a rock-solid foundation from the ground up with tried and tested tools and practices.

Welcome to Activate & Awaken Your Soul

Life After This Program:

Feel empowered and confident in your mind, body and soul

Wake up with a clear mind and a confident bounce in your step

Keep getting compliments because your inner light is so bright that others may need sunglasses to be near you

Having frequent casual conversations with your Spirit guides because your intuitive antenna is lit

Creating space to breathe and move your body because you KNOW you’re worth this time

Find yourself winking up at the sky as a thank you to every synchronicity that unfolds throughout your day because the Universe has your back

Being a healthy boundaries queen because not everyone has an invitation to access your energies

This program is filled with guided meditations, journal prompts, affirmations, rituals, energy transmissions and soul practices to further support you on your path of healing and growth.

My new offerings have been birthed to support you wherever you are on your journey... I share wisdom, energy transmissions, rituals and practical tools to guide you onto your highest timeline trajectory of healing and growth. These programs and modalities have been tried and tested. They integrate all that I have experienced in my 10 years of spiritual and personal growth and now I'm offering them to YOU!

She always delivers practical advice and suggestions for clients.

Coco is the most amazing soul coach in town. I like that she is packed with spiritual tools but also with real life experiences. I received something amazing during our coaching program! I got engaged, found the dream apartment, got more clients and grew my business! I highly recommend Coco to the one who wants to evolve and have a better life in the world.

- Olivia L, Tarot Reader & Mama, Hong Kong
Zoom Activate & Awaken Your Soul Program

Activate & Awaken Your Soul Program

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A 4-week group coaching program to find the root cause of limiting beliefs and break free of toxic patterns. Overcome fear, people-pleasing and become a rockstar at creating healthier boundaries to unlock shining self-worth and confidence.

This program will support you in loving yourself more deeply so you can show up as your best self in all areas of life and live in flow with your most authentic self. 

Program Includes
→ 4x 60 min Group Zoom calls
→ 1x 60-min 1:1 Zoom call with Coco

→ Weekly practices, journal prompts, rituals 
→ 4-week Voxer access for Soul Support with Coco

*Prefer to be held within a more intimate space? Email to inquire about 1:1 soul coaching options.

Activate & Awaken Your Soul Program


It’s time to FULLY SHOW UP for YOURSELF. 

Are you ready for soul-altering transformation?

Book a 15-minute soul alignment call to explore how

soul coaching can elevate your soul evolution.



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